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Hello Holistic Living

When learning about your health, there is nothing more important than taking a holistic approach. Which is why when we offer fitness, we like to use the word health because it does not stop at getting fit. We help our clients get fit by having a healthier lifestyle that they can manage.

- Puneet

Integrative health Practitioner (IHP)

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My Story

When I started my health journey I was suffering from many different symptoms and I was put on numerous medications including antibiotics, birth control, and steroid creams. None of which seemed to work. If anything I was suffering more day by day. It all changed when I started looking into natural alternatives. I was not able to find complete relief since I was just experimenting with different supplements and diets.

UNTIL... I hired a HEALTH COACH. This changed my life, I was able to find a protocol that worked for my personalized goals, I was able to start my healing journey of balancing hormones, fixing my gut health, bloating, skin issues, and much more! 

That gave me the inspiration to spread this message to more people, I went from having a business degree and teaching as a special education teaching assistant to becoming a integrative health practicioner. I am able to combine my experience with functional medicine (ancient indian/ayurvedic, ancient chinese, modern naturopathic research) to help others heal as well. 

Discover your health Call

We offer a complimentary 15 minute discovery call for you to learn what the next steps are within your healing journey.

Book now! 

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